Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JuneBetter: The Food Challenge

I'm not going to eat out for the month of June. I realized recently that although I feel like I cook a great deal, I eat out more than I should. Reasons I will try really hard to not eat out this month:

1. Cost :Let's say out of a normal work week, I fail to make lunch once. Add to that a scheduled dinner with someone, an impulsive Crazy-Bowl, Friday and Saturday nights out and about--- and I'm a busy Bee that is spending at least $100 a week on food. Plus groceries for all the other meals. Plus Martini Monday. Don't get me wrong-- I'm a live-to-eat person, not eat-to-live, but I tend to regret spending unnecessary money on food that isn't fantastic

2. Health Reasons: I'm a veggie-focused pescatarian, so it's not like I'm wolfing down burgers or fries all the time. The real issue here is sodium. I have a kidney disorder, and it's always best if I can control the ingredients in my food--especially if I can avoid salt.

3. I got skills and stuffs: Aside from the fact I'm miserable at baking, I am quite handy in the kitchen. Years of being spoiled by international travel, surrounded by hundreds of cookbooks, and fed on a regular basis by a gourmet chef have led me to know how things should taste and where I can cut corners. My cooking typically comes in spurts; I find recipes I have to make rightnowthissecond and I end up realizing five minutes in that I am missing half-the ingredients. It's always fine. I've only had one cooking fail in the last 365+ days, and it involved a crummy oven. There are also two new additions to my kitchen posse: an herb garden and a rice cooker. It's looking like a tastier month already.

4. Connecting: Produce in my home only goes bad because my friends like me. I'm not joking. I love going to the market in the early morning, I am genuinely excited about cooking, I compile all the necessary accoutrements .. and then someone has a crisis/birthday/bad haircut and I'm eating Bread Co. and thinking about the argula in my fridge. This month, I'll spend more time connecting myself to myself. Some alone-time will be good for me, and if I really want to see people, I will cook for them. Want to have dinner chez moi this month? Pick a date and send me your allergies. I've already arranged to have a small gathering for my best friend the third week in June. Bring on the chafing dish.

Think I can do it? Think you could? I challenge you to pick a week this June and not eat out at all. It'll take some planning, but you'll save money and have bragging rights.

Challenge: Do not eat out for the month of June.

Activities planned in the month of May. These activities only include: 2 dinners with singing group alumni, 1 dinner with visiting friend from New York, necessary meals during weekend in Nashville.

Forseen difficulties: Weekend in Nashville. Sad meals alone. Deliciousness of Il Vicino's balsamic marinara. Summer milkshake cravings. Lunches with boss. Desire to eat my LDR-associated feelings in a public place.

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